Spinning Lessons

This Beginners pack an unusual gift and can be sent by mail as a personalised Spinningschool gift token. Contact pam@spinningschool.co.uk  or call Pam: 01858 535466 

Beginner Packs include: 

     3 hours tuition in two separate spinning lessons
     'How to Spin Long Draw' booklet
      Loan of wheel for 4 weeks.
      The Wheel magazine
      Ashford yarn guage
      Bag of prepared fibre
      Bag of prepared fleece 

A private lesson is a good way to start and I have wheels, fibre and all the enthusiasm you need to get started. Beginner spinners are usually able to spin in the first lesson - even if it is a bit bumpy! They like to join group lessons (see below)or woolly days as it is more fun with other learners. No previous experience or equipment is necessary to get started; I have the complete range of new Ashford wheels for sale and six used Ashford Traditional Wheels, which I lend to pupils  - for £80 you can have..


Group Spinning lessons are £15 per day - as you can see people have a lot of fun trying out new ideas and equipment.  

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