Long Draw video

Long draw spinning makes an arms length of thread at a time, instead of a few inches. It is faster than other methods and can be done straight from the fleece; this saves preparation time and retains more of the natural characteristics of the fleece. It is a very satisfying and relaxing way to spin
See How to Spin at:  www.spinningschool.co.uk 

Long draw workshop at the Wrekin Guild
Long draw spinning on the great wheel   

Long draw is not difficult to learn, most of my pupils learn in two lessons. We start off by spinning without a wheel......

take a lock of fibre (this way up!) and put in some twist
then give a little pull and put in some more twist

Then pull again and whoopee! you get a long draw!

You can create your own unique yarn. 

You think you'll be no good? Maybe you've never had a good teacher!You think you are not creative? Maybe you don't know where to find inspiration! 

Give SpinningSchool a whirl. You'll Be Inspired. And life will never be the same again.
Group lessons £15, One2One £20.Wheel loan for beginners - see Getting Started page                                  
 Learn to spin beautiful fibre into lovely yarn

You think you are not creative? maybe you have never been inspired! You think you'll be no good? maybe you've never had a good teacher!
Give SpinningSchool a whirl. You'll Be Inspired. And never be bored again.


  1. I will be getting my great wheel early this summer and I plan to follow your blog for inspiration!

    Nancy from Grapevine, TX

  2. Congratulations - wish I could have one! Maybe you could send a photo when it arrives - you must be a long draw spinner or you would not be buying a Great Wheel! Thanks for your kind words. Pam

  3. Love that hat!

    I have a request for spinning school - can we do more on what to do with what we've spun? Techniques like your frills are a real highlight, also how did you dye your wool?

    1. There is a lovely little book by Ann Budd called -The knitters handy Book or Patterns - which tells you how to use wool of any gauge to make a few basic things like hats, pullovers etc. It also tells you how to do frills - I just keep knitting two or three times into each stitch - quite simple really. For dyeing I often use acid dyes - I like the Australian ones from wingham Wools - I use natural dyes too, but the acid ones are fast (in terms of not fading as well as speedy to use) and reliable!