'How to Spin' £5.00

My new book explains how to learn long draw. The way to use the it is to look first of all at the line drawings in the middle pages and see if you can identify with any of the learning concepts - don't worry if not. The following pages outline four different ways to learn long draw designed to complement the various  ways we take in information. The pages at the front of the book are practical things you can do to give yourself the best chances of success/help  yourself.
Hopefully one or two of the learning concepts will be meaningful to you and help you get going - but feel free to call me 01858 535466 any evening if you are stuck -

The booklet focuses entirely on learning the long draw technique. Nothing else. It is all my own work and ideas drawn from nearly 30 years experience of spinning and teaching people to spin.  By their second lesson, my pupils have usually mastered the long draw technique and quality control skills.
The fabric of the book is also all my own work; hand-made and fully illustrated with colour pictures and diagrams. There are blank pages for your own notes. It is decorated with wild fibres and stitched with linen using the traditional long-stitch binding technique.  Postage is £1.

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