Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Learn how to make Funky yarns- 8th November

November 8th is your chance to make 'Funky yarns' - something completely different. Push the boundaries of what you think can be done and Be Inspired. There will  be some skeins to give you an idea to kick off with - the picture hardly does justice to the amazing yarn above! You will also have the chance to learn core spinning and  one or two other techniques which will make it easy to produce your own unique yarn. So, get out your stash and all those other odd bobbins and bits leftover that you don't know what to do with, and bring them along. At best you will Be Inspired.  At worst, someone else may be inspired by your stash and swap you for theirs! A winner either way! Meet at The Fox, Wilbarston at 12noon or Stoke Albany Village hall at 1.30pm. Fee is £15 which includes teas, real coffee and home-made cake. 
Look forward to seeing you. Pam 
P.S. newcomers are always welcome.

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