Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Mona is very taken with this bag  - if you look closely you can see why - it is made from her empty food cartons... 


  1. I think I shall have to make one of these, it's a great way of using the pouches that aren't recycleable. How did you prepare the pouches before you sewed them together? Did you split them in two or just wash them out?

  2. I shall ask Ros to follow this up. Ros made the bag and Mona is her new kitten - isn't she lovely?

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  4. Rosalind M WIllatts2 January 2012 at 09:40

    Shopping /knitting bags recycled from cat-food pouches

    Time: 2 hours to sew
    Materials: 22 cat-food pouches, (purchased in packs of 12 ) or Colman’s sauce packets or Capri-sun or similar, strong sticky tape, sewing machine.
    6 pouches for the front, 6 pouches for the back, 6 pouches for the two sides and base. ( 18 pouches for the main bag) Four pouches for the handles, ( 2 pouches per handle
    For catfood pouches, open at lower end by slitting pleat with knife. Wash the empty pouch, then drain, then dry over a heat source / stove, radiator / cooling-oven or sunshine.
    • (1) Stitch two blocks of six pouches by overlapping the edges and stitching down with the sewing machine. These form the back and front.
    • (2) For the two side gussets: stitch two blocks of two pouches, joining the shorter sides.
    • (3) Now fold over the top towards the inside of all the four blocks by 0.5cm and stitch down. This strengthens the open edge of the bag.
    • ( 4) For the base: Stitch two pouches together, lower edge to lower edge.
    • (5) With inside side to inside side stitch the two side pieces to the two main blocks which form the back and front. The seams will stand proud to the outside making sides form a gusset,
    • (6) Insert the base block in a similar fashion, long sides to the main back and front, and short ends to the side sections.
    • (7)The handles: For each handle take two pouches and cut vertically in two. Join the short ends to make a long strip. Re-enforce the strip on the wrong side with very strong tape. Fold over the strip lengthwise, stitch down both sides.
    • Attach the handles: take one strip and overlapping the main front by about 2 – 3 cm, just to the outside of the central pouch, stitch down on all four sides of each over-lap and stitch a diagonal cross on the overlap.
    • Attach the second strip to the rear section in the same way.
    Rosalind M Willatts New Years Day 2012

  5. Ros, thanks for such comprehensive instructions. I'm collecting the pouches now. I should have enough in about a week.