Sunday, 19 February 2012

Art Yarn -where to find the inspiration

You don't have to be especially creative to create Art Yarn - but it helps if you know where to find the inspiration! This Art Yarn was inspired by Kirchner's Potsdamer Platz, Berlin painted in 1914. It started out as blue/green multi-dyed tops that was not intended to be as dark as the Black Watch tartan it looked like. It was a bit like the dresses of the 'ladies of the night' in this painting. Using hand carders I made rolags using the tops along with bits of bright green merino tops, shredded sari silk and  pale grey silk rovings to match the colours found in this painting. If you enlarge the pic you will see the diagonal lines in the ladies stance and grey pavements on the top right are echoed in the plied yarn on the left. I would never of thought of putting these colours together without seeing the picture.   

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