Sunday, 29 April 2012

Multi-talented at Woolly day

A record twelve people came to our Woolly Social Day yesterday and displayed an amazing diversity of skills besides knitting and spinning. Vivian , an acclaimed botanical artist (as well as a long draw spinner) brought  3 prints from her latest collection - (sadly my photography does not do them justice). Rosalind brought two hand made books with leather bindings. Audrey brought along her finished rug but was working on one of her Ehrman tapestries. Sally came to browse and kindly agreed to be a 'guinea pig' for the Teaching and Learning day on 8th May. Margaret was stuck with a knitting pattern - Erica soon solved it! We had an amazing lunch - complemented with Jane's bullace gin which was seriously good...The new SpinningSchool rosettes arrived - more about them later...

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