Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Unique Blanket by Erica

We all have leftovers - here is how Erica used hers up....
Cast on two stitches and then knit in stocking stitch increasing one stitch at the  beginning of each row until you reach 48  stitches. Cast off very very loosely. I also put 3 rows of reverse three times In each triangle. If you join two corners of two triangles together and then find the centre or the cast off edge of another triangle and attach to this point. Extend the sides of the cast off edge along the sides of the two top triangles and sew together.
You will find you have half triangles shapes left on the sides  - to knit these - again start with two stitches but increase only on the inside at the beginning and end of the row and cast off at 24 stitches.
When you reach the size and shape you want or have used up all your spare stash, crochet a row of dc all around the edge and I then put a picot edging round that   - it needs some sort of edging

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