Friday, 28 December 2012

Finished in time for Christmas (just)

My dear Aunt was so pleased with her shawl - I finished the knitting on Christmas eve (the day after my aunt and cousin Gail arrived for Christmas). She was so pleased with it and happily posed for a picture! It was washed and blocked on Boxing day ready for her to take home on 27th. The shawl is in merino, llama, shetland and alpaca fibre all in its natural colours and the subtle pink/blue/purple fibre is merino dyed with Landscape Dyes from Wingham Wools. This is the first time I have successfully combined dyed and natural fibres in the same garment


  1. What a beautiful shawl, it is a work of art, no wonder your aunt was so pleased with it.

  2. It's really beautiful Pam, lovely colours and eye catching pattern. A real heirloom.