Saturday, 9 February 2013

Working with Colour in Fibre 12 Feb.2 -4.30

Spinningschool is next Tuesday 12th February from 11.00am-4.30pm (playschool is on half term)
Lessons on request in the morning in the upstairs room, please text or call my mobile if you wish to book.  In the afternoon we will be Working with Colour in Fibre - last month it was colour in dye. Colours behave differently in fibre than in the pigment, spun with one technique they can look like mud, but spun another way  they stay vibrant. Some colours are strong in spun fibre, some weak. The idea is to give you an insight into managing colour and help select Accents, Tints and Tones with confidence. Fee for the day is £15 and includes coffee and cake. There will be some dyed fibre to experiment with, but if you have your own that you are not sure about, this is an opportunity to explore the 'What will happen if......' scenarios.
We will also have a shared lunch as on woolly days for those who want it.

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