Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Woolly day this Saturday

I'm going to take last years' unspun fleece to Woolly Day on Saturday and sell, swap or give it away. I might have a spring clean of books, bits and bobs, skeins, knitting needles too. You could do the same - I'll need someone to swap with. Be good to make a fresh start. Swap my junk for someone else's! At least it will be new to me! The day will be interesting too....
Ros will be spinning straight from the fleece and sharing tricks it would take new spinners years to find out by themselves... There will be a shared lunch for those who want to eat, free coffee, tea and cake and lots of like-minded people to share news, views and ideas with. Woolly Day; Saturday 27 April 110-4.30, £5. Stoke Albany Village Hall LE168PL. At this time of year it becomes obvious that the fleece in the garage isn't going to get spun:  'I can't buy any more fleece until I've spun up last  years' she thinks feeling guilty for spending less than what it takes to park my car in Leicester on a sheep's back a year ago!

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