Monday, 1 July 2013


Liam, my second grandson switched on the lights in my new studio yesterday! It was quite a moment - I am very proud of him. I remember when he was about three or four years old we built a Christmas nativity set in a cardboard box; I took an old torch to pieces, poked the bulb through the roof and connected it with two pieces of  wire to a battery. When the wires touched the battery and it lit up our home-made nativity set he was agog   "Corr - Granny - look at that'. His little face was lit up just like the baby Jesus in his crib(cutout from a Christmas card). And now he's a commissioning engineer for a company called Power On.  I'm so proud of him - I'm also chuffed that his brother Michael, my eldest grandson is a teacher - just like I always wanted to be! 

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  1. Lights! Camera!! Action!!! Taking shape, Pam.