Thursday, 25 July 2013

Try my Knitters loom at Fibre East this weekend

My Knitters loom will be waiting for beginners to Have a Go at Weaving in the marquee at Fibre East. 


  1. I often wonder what is the difference between a knitter's loom and an ordinary loom? Is it that the knitter's loom uses knitting yarn?

  2. the answer to your question is 'Not a lot! - 'the knitters loom is a rigid heddle loom but is more vessatile, you can have it on your knee, on a stand or propped against a table (little knotches stop it slipping) it folds up for taking about with you and comes with a case.
    Mine is light, very easy to use and like all Ashford kit beautifully made and finished. To see how what you can do on them visit Ashford UK stand at Fibre East today - amazing. luvPx