Thursday, 8 August 2013

Terror bites in The Apple shop....

Nathan and Ben - 3rd and 4th grandsons - took us to the Apple Store in Leicester on Saturday  to get a new computer - We asked about memory; this was a very important issue when we bought our first PS11 in 1989. 'Its a Terabyte - don't worry Granny - you'll run out of memory before that will!' they laughed. 
We thought they said terror byte - The staff in the store were lovely, just like Nathan and Ben. We came out with the new kit and a keyboard more like we used before - but really smooth! They had it set up in no time and everything that was on the old one copied onto the new Mac - they are brilliant and were so patient and understanding with Bob and I as they tried to find out what we wanted (we didn't know!) without making us feel dumb.  

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