Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sat 28th Jan-become Colour confident- part2.

Working with colour is much more fun when you know something about it.  As well as long draw spinning for beginners, this Saturday 28th January we will be putting different colours straight onto fleece and yarn. Last Tuesday we carded fleece in primary colours to give the appearance of secondary colours. Pictured here we have some secondary colours applied direct to a wool/bamboo mix; the different fibres respond to the colour in different ways which adds a further dimension to  understanding and working with colour. 


  1. Love these soft subtle colours

  2. I love the texture of woven bamboo fibres. I have sheet set made from them and it's lovely, very soft and smooth. They seem best suited to soft subtle colour, or is it that this fibre only takes a certain intensity of colours? It also seems to be very hard wearing.