Saturday, 21 January 2012

This is my latest  hat from my handspun yarn. The hat body is machine knitted and the embellishments done on my lovely KnitPro Symfonie double pointed needles. It  only took about 5 hours to knit. Machine knitting leaves me time to be creative with my hand-knitting. I used a coloured a wool/bamboo mix for the outer edge of the 'squirmals' which I had dyed with secondary colours all in the same batch. One of my friends described the decoration as rather like coral. I chose the colour combination as it was subtle and of a similar tone to the  grey in the hat body. The brim is stuffed with wool which adds weight, feels cosy and as helps to stay put in the wind.


  1. Very nice, the stuffed edge is a good idea, keep it down on your head. I have issues with hats this pattern riding up, so usually go for a loose beret shape.

  2. Thanks for your kind words - Pam