Friday, 17 August 2012

First Spinning - by the river - thanks to Rachel

This joyfull young lady completed her first spinning on Tuesday.  She attended the Guild Fibre day and was lucky enough to get an impromptu lesson from Rachel, a gifted tutor. People learn to spin, and spinners learn to teach at SpinningSchool. Rachel joined SpinnningSchool in 2010 to learn long draw - now she is a most talented and inspirational tutor. Her enthusiasm is infectious and despite not having a wheel, her new pupil arrived on Tuesday in the hopes of having another go! Sure enough, Rachel was there to help her and this happy new spinner with her first spinning is the result! What an achievement for both pupil and teacher - a new spinner with just two lessons and no practice in between!  What joy! Thank you both -xxx  - you have made me very happy! Our new pupil has borrowed a SpinningSchool wheel and will be attending Tuesday sessions from now on! 

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