Sunday, 28 October 2012

Shawl for my Aunt

This is the middle section of a Shetland Hap I am making for my dear Aunt - the only problem is I was half way through this section when she emailed to ask if it could be dusky pink...I think the answer has to be: 'Yes, but not all over!' 


  1. Looks beautiful Pam. What sort of yarn are you using? I bet you can knit them blindfolded. :-))

    I'm really hoping to get along to SOMETHING before the end of the year.

    Luv Julie x

    1. Without seeing your inspired shawl none of this would have happened! I'm so glad it did! Never forget your lovely shawl and the story behind it. Such inspiration. The yarn for this one is my handspun Shetland plyed with commercial mohair. I tried knitting a circular shawl but it was just too difficult for me - Erica sorted me out at about two feet diameter but I still went wrong - realised my limitations - but who knows? perhaps one day. Meanwhile, I'l stick with the beloved haps. Without you they would never have happened - I think I have learned as much from my pupils as they have from me.

  2. this look so good as it is - but there is always a pot of Landscape dye )))